President Biden has inherited an immense task when it comes to America’s public lands: undo the Trump Administration's actions to open to mining and drilling millions of acres of National Conservation Lands across six western States and Alaska. 

This includes Alaska’s Reserve, the California Desert, Oregon’s Owyhee Canyonlands, Colorado’s North Fork Valley, Utah’s Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, and others. 

With your help, we fought the Trump Administration’s efforts to fast-track decisions every step of the way. 

We are activating the power of local communities to support President Biden’s work to restore and expand protections for America’s National Conservation Lands.

Join the movement!

Your action - large and small - makes a difference and is needed now more than ever.

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Shape the Future of Public Lands

Growing Support for Largest Federal Public Lands Manager to Embrace Conservation Vision There is broad and growing support for the Bureau of Land Management to implement an ambitious conservation vision...

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Protect Caja del Rio

The Caja del Rio is a beautiful landscape and remains vital for local communities. It must be protected for future generations. Enter into the new Caja del Rio Story Map and learn more about this beautiful landscape and the people who call it home!

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Protect the Dolores River Canyon

Add your voice to the movement to protect the Dolores River Canyon: an essential lifeline to the landscape and cultures of western Colorado.

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It’s Time to Care

Show your support to increase funding for America’s National Conservation Lands - add your name below!

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Explore The Climate Atlas

The Climate Atlas is a first-of-its-kind online public lands mapping tool that gives clear, understandable, and visual information about the climate, biodiversity, carbon and related characteristics of public lands in the U.S. Dive in to help prioritize new conservation protections for America’s valuable and vulnerable lands.

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Story Map: Avi Kwa Ame

Avi Kwa Ame (Ah-VEE kwa-meh) is the Mojave name for Spirit Mountain and the surrounding landscape in Southern Nevada. Virtually visit Avi Kwa Ame through our interactive story map. Hear from Fort Mojave tribe as they share their connection to the land and why this sacred landscape should be protected.

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Story Map: Oregon’s Owyhee Canyonlands

The Owyhee Canyonlands are a wild, intact area connecting Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada. Check out a glimpse into the fascinating geological roots, rich cultural history, and thriving, wild nature of Oregon’s Owyhee Canyonlands through this interactive story map, published in partnership with Friends of the Owyhee and Oregon Natural Desert Association.

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