The Conservation Lands Foundation believes in a just, equitable, and sustainable future for our lands, waters, wildlife, and for all people. America’s public lands belong to all of us and must benefit all of us as they reveal our history, tell our stories, celebrate the diversity of our country, and honor the myriad ways we find connection and meaning in these unique places.

The history of public lands is complex, and we will do our best to continually unpack that history with respect and grace. The Conservation Lands Foundation believes there are historically underserved and marginalized populations in our country that, in addition to being denied access to opportunities to advance in our society, have been excluded from the benefits of public lands, the historical narratives they portray, and decisions on how they’re managed. 

We work to actively identify and eliminate barriers to ensure these communities’ full participation in public lands, including advocacy, access, stewardship, recreation, and management so that people of all identities have the right to access and responsibly enjoy public lands.

Our work is guided by our beliefs that:

  • Equity, inclusion, and justice are essential in achieving our mission to protect, restore and expand the National Conservation Lands through education, advocacy, and partnerships
  • Everyone connects and engages with nature in a way that reflects their culture, experiences, and personal preferences to nature 
  • Everyone should have access to responsibly enjoy the benefits of public lands and inclusive experiences within them
  • Exposure and connection to the outdoors resulting from access to public lands has important physical and mental health benefits for individuals and communities
  • The future of conservation is tethered to connecting the diverse youth of today to the outdoors: they are the next generation of environmental advocates, public lands users, and innovators
  • A more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization improves the bottom line, attracts more talent, increases retention, and fosters innovation and growth
  • Diversity yields more creative, collaborative, synergistic, and effective outcomes
  • Engaging in equity, inclusion, and justice work is necessary for the Conservation Lands Foundation to continue as a leader of the environmental movement
  • Talented employees are more likely to stay if there is an inclusive workplace culture and employees will be happier
  • By centering equity, inclusion, and justice, we will support the needs of communities in the face of shifting national demographics and build a conservation movement that is representative of all communities while elevating Indigenous perspectives, values, and leadership in the protection and management of public lands
  • As we build a conservation community that reflects the diversity of our nation, we envision becoming more comprehensive and effective in our work to the benefit of all

We’re committed to becoming a model organization that provides equal opportunity and a work environment free from discrimination. We welcome and strive to unite people of all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, socio-economic situations, class, religions, abilities, and ages and empower them as individuals and as a team.

We value and promote equity and inclusion of diverse perspectives and representation in our board, staff, Friends Grassroots Network and partners, in the communities we serve, and in the places we seek to preserve and protect.

We're on a journey and our work will be done when the National Conservation Lands:

  • Represent the diversity of our nation and include all of the most ecologically, culturally, and historically significant lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management
  • Are inclusive of all people, provide equitable access, and are guaranteed protections of their ecological and cultural resources

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