Mark Headley

Chair, Conservation Lands Foundation

About Mark Headley

Mark Headley started a career in Asian asset management in 1989 after growing up in Berkeley, CA and attending UC Santa Cruz. He joined Matthews International Capital Management in 1995, working at various times as the portfolio manager of the Matthews Pacific Tiger Fund, President, CEO, CIO, and Chair of the Board. Mark remains active in analyzing trends across Asia and particularly US/Chinese relations.

Mark grew up wandering the Grand Tetons of Wyoming as a child and started camping every summer in the high Sierra with a Berkeley scout troop that followed the paths of John Muir and Edward Abbey.

Mark is also the founder of the West Berkeley Fencing Club, continuing his involvement in a sport he was introduced to in college by his mentor of over 30 years, Fencing Maestro and Artist Charles Selberg. He established the Selberg Institute in Southern Oregon to protect and restore the border region of southern Oregon and northern California.