People need nature. Nature needs YOU to protect what matters.

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Your partnership with the Conservation Lands Foundation is the most powerful action you can take to stop the decline of nature and biodiversity in the United States. Your gift today will protect what matters most to you by accelerating our ability to:

Advance and secure protections on more than 15 million acres of nature, from the California coastline to Colorado canyons, to the Western Arctic.
Influence the Bureau of Land Management to enhance conservation of 200 million acres.
Galvanize and grow the national network of community advocates to ensure these lands are protected and remain yours to explore.
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The Conservation Lands Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all gifts are fully tax deductible.

A Donor-Advised Fund is a tax-advantaged charitable savings account, giving you the flexibility to recommend gifts to the Conservation Lands Foundation. You can transfer cash or other assets to a tax-exempt sponsor organization, recommend grants to Conservation Lands Foundation, and get a federal income tax charitable deduction.

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Support our mission through recurring annual donations, tribute gifts, giving stocks or mutual funds, workplace giving, corporate giving, legacy gifts, and more.

Our mission is simple: expand and protect National Conservation Lands.

We believe that people’s relationship with nature is a source of life, not a resource to exploit.

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Our work offers the greatest opportunity to stop the decline of nature and wildlife in the United States.

Under three pillars of action, the Conservation Lands Foundation leads a national conservation movement


We harness community passion

Through grant giving and capacity building, we power 80+ local organizations in our Friends Grassroots Network to advocate for National Conservation Lands.

We secure protections and improve policies

We work directly with presidential administrations, Congress, and the Bureau of Land Management to advance better land management policies.

We increase public support

We generate greater visibility and funding for enduring protections, with the understanding that public lands can unify and connect our common values.