This week, Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto announced the Northern Nevada Rural Land Management, Conservation and Military Readiness Act as a comprehensive, pragmatic lands package addressing the multiple needs, priorities and input from conservation groups, outdoor recreation industries, farmers, ranchers, and local county and tribal governments.

Statement from Jocelyn Torres, Nevada-based Senior Field Director of the Conservation Lands Foundation and Shaaron Netherton, Executive Director of Friends of Nevada Wilderness: 

“We thank Senator Cortez Masto for her leadership in crafting the Northern Nevada Rural Land Management, Conservation and Military Readiness Act.

“With this legislation, Senator Cortez Masto has struck the delicate balance among the competing priorities of protecting public lands for important wildlife habitat and cultural values, addressing some Tribal interests and making progress towards remedying historical injustices, and the vital training needs of America’s servicemen and women.

“We appreciate the complexity and size of the challenge Senator Cortez Masto has addressed with this legislation. It's a vast improvement over the Navy’s proposal. The Senator’s proposal provides strong mitigation measures and holds the Navy accountable while it enhances rural economies, and maintains the quality of life of rural Nevadans.

“The Wilderness and National Conservation Areas established by the legislation came about after decades of negotiation and compromise among many stakeholders and brings needed protections for these lands.

“We understand the urgency for passing this legislation and will do everything we can to support the Senator’s effort and initiative to get this done before the end of this Congress."

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Jocelyn Torres (pronoun: she) is CLF’s Senior Conservation Director, a member of the Environmental Commission for the State of Nevada and Board President of DREAM Big Nevada. Jocelyn lives in North Las Vegas with her husband, daughter, three dogs and thre
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