Conservation Lands Foundation Applauds Administration's Renewable Energy Rule for Responsible Energy Development Guidance on Public Lands

Conservation Lands Foundation
|April 11, 2024

WASHINGTON, DC — The Conservation Lands Foundation applauded the Renewable Energy Rule (Rights-of-Way, Leasing, and Operations for Renewable Energy rule) released today by the Biden-Harris administration, which is designed to promote responsible development of renewable energy on public lands, while accelerating clean energy development for the nation to meet the urgency of the climate crisis. 

“The Renewable Energy Rule is a perfect example of how sound, thoughtful policy can help solve problems and positively shape our lives,” said Jocelyn Torres, Co-Interim Executive Director and Chief Conservation Officer. 

“The Biden-Harris administration has updated the framework for the efficient deployment of wind and solar projects on lands overseen by the Bureau of Land Management, which is critical to achieve the renewable energy production target Congress set for public lands in 2020 as well as the Biden administration’s goal of a carbon-free power sector by 2035. 

“As the only organization solely focused on protecting lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, we recognize that BLM-managed lands play an important role in meeting our nation’s renewable energy goals and we look forward to working with the administration to appropriately site renewable energy development on public lands. This includes using a “smart from the start” approach and criteria such as proximity to transmission infrastructure while avoiding protected lands, designated critical habitat and areas where important cultural resources exist.

“BLM-managed lands are vital “connective tissue” across the western United States, providing critical migration and habitat corridors for wildlife between big wilderness areas and national conservation areas and monuments, and smaller private, state and county lands. We commend the BLM and the Biden-Harris administration for recognizing the importance of our nation’s public lands to our environment, local economies and renewable energy future.” 


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