It’s Time to Care: Fund Public Lands

Urge Congress to Support Conservation Lands Funding and Oppose Bad Policy Riders.

As the largest steward of public lands, the Bureau of Land Management needs adequate funding from Congress in order to manage public lands, including National Conservation Lands, properly.

With Congress returning from August Recess, the House and Senate are in a sprint to pass appropriations bills and resolve their differences before October 1.

Those differences are significant regarding funding and policy for the National Conservation Lands, with the House bill including a nearly 10% cut from FY23 and bad policy riders that strip the Interior Department’s ability to manage the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and restrict funding for the Bureau of Land Management to implement the Public Lands Rule. On the other side of Capitol Hill, the Senate bill includes an increase of $2 million for National Conservation Lands, and as of now is free of bad policy riders.

At some point soon, there will be a compromise on FY24 funding, and it is critical that your representative and senators hear from you that you oppose funding cuts for the National Conservation Lands and bad policy riders that prevent them from being managed for their conservation values.