Department of Interior Secretary Bernhardt has removed protections for LGBTQ employees from its Ethics Guide against workplace discrimination (Interior Department Cut 'Sexual Orientation' From Anti-Discrimination Guideline). 

The Department's action exposes LGBTQ employees to workplace hostility and discrimination and undermines its ability to fulfill its mission to be an effective steward of America’s public lands.

We want to give you a chance to stand with the 80 conservation organizations and businesses that have joined the Conservation Lands Foundation in urging Secretary Bernhardt to reinstate protections for LGBTQ employees" by adding your name to the letter below:

Dear Secretary Bernhardt:

America’s national public lands preserve our history, provide clean water and habitat for wildlife, and drive an $887 billion outdoor recreation industry. They are owned by all Americans--regardless of socioeconomic status--and they are to be managed by government agencies in accordance with the wishes of the American public.

The roughly 70,000 employees of the U.S. Department of the Interior serve as the individual stewards of these places and they are walking symbols of the American ideals of justice and equality.

That’s why we, the undersigned, unreservedly oppose the Department’s recent decision to remove workplace protections for LGBTQ employees from its Ethics Guide against workplace discrimination. 

This intentional omission leaves the Department’s LGBTQ employees exposed to workplace hostility and discrimination, will have a chilling effect on LGBTQ people applying for jobs at DOI--and it betrays current Interior Department employees--undermining DOI’s ability to fulfill its mission to be effective stewards of America’s incomparable public lands.

We ask that you immediately restore protections for LGBTQ employees.

Will you sign?

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Sarah Johnson
Morgan Matheus
Claire Ackland
Connie Candelaria
Anna Rogers
Sarah Vroom
Flora Brain
Tonya Troiani
Lydia Garvey
Susan Combs
Dianne Maughan
Michael Metcalf
Nikos Zoggas
Wendy Peardot
Suzanne Connors
Carmel Shields
Cari Johnson
Chelsea Stout
Jim Boone
Phoenix Haas
Kris Deutschman
Michael Madrigal
David Mizejewski
Naresh Kumar
Holly Nadel
Lisa Manolius
Ranasia Benallie
Richard LeDuc
Matthew McCarty
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