In six western states and Alaska including Southern Utah and the Western Arctic, America’s public lands are under attack. The Administration is cutting the public out of decisions and fast-tracking the give away of National Conservation Lands to oil and gas development. Once protections are lifted and oil and gas companies move in, there's no getting these lands back. 

Take our Pledge. Join Conservation Lands Foundation and our Friends Grassroots Network to defend public lands. Your action makes a difference and is needed now more than ever. We plan to deliver signatures to policymakers in Washington D.C. in early 2020.

National Conservation Lands are home to archaeological sites integral to American history and living landscapes sacred to Native Americans today. They support recreational economies, remaining migration corridors for wildlife, delicate ecosystems vital to our clean water and air, and will play a critical role in climate change mitigation.

I pledge my support for National Conservation Lands and urge current and future administrations to protect America’s public lands, National Monuments and waterways that the BLM manages from development and destruction.  

“I pledge to be a National Conservation Lands Champion.”

Will you sign?