The Southern Nevada Economic Development and Conservation Act is the largest conservation bill introduced in Nevada history!

It will conserve some of Southern Nevada’s most iconic and naturally valuable public lands, help diversify the local economy and support affordable housing solutions.

The bill has bi-partisan support and includes permanent protections for almost two million acres of our state’s natural landscape–including these additions to America’s National Conservation Lands:

  • Protect more than 1.6 million acres of wilderness through new wilderness designations and additions to existing wilderness areas.
  • Establish more than 350,000 acres of Special Management Areas to protect, conserve, and enhance the habitat of endangered species, such as the Mojave Desert Tortoise.
  • Expand Southern Nevada’s crown jewel - Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area by almost 50,000 acres.
  • Enhance protections for the Desert National Wildlife Refuge.

Add your voice to the national movement to get this bill passed and send an e-letter directly to Nevada’s Congressional delegation today!