Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area was designated in 2002 as part of the Clark County Conservation, Recreation and Development Act of 2002. The 48,438 acre NCA surrounds a smaller 14,000 acre core of wilderness in the North McCullough Wilderness. The marquee attraction is Sloan Canyon Archeological Site, with 300 rock art panels with 1,700 drawings. The NCA has an abundance of cactus species and a population of desert bighorn sheep.

Sloan Canyon is one of the premier rock art sites in Southern Nevada. To keep the petroglyphs pristine, please do not touch the rock art because contact with the oils in skin will damage them. You may take photographs and sketches, but rubbings are not permitted. Avoid climbing near rock art sites. Dogs, with the exception of service dogs, are not permitted within the Petroglyph Management Area or the North McCullough Wilderness Area.

The North McCullough Wilderness is located within Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area and mechanized/motorized travel is not allowed, but activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and wildlife watching are encouraged. All vehicles, including mountain bikes, are prohibited within the wilderness boundary. Only hiking is encouraged in the Sloan Canyon Petroglyph Area.

A variety of volunteer opportunities exist at Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area including visitor contacts and trash clean-ups.