One of California’s and the nation’s most diverse landscapes, Sand to Snow National Monument rises from the desert up to southern California’s tallest alpine peak, Mount San Gorgonio. The region is sacred to Serrano, Cahuilla and Luiseño Indian people.

Visitors enjoy camping, hiking, backpacking on the Pacific Crest Trail, climbing, horse packing, bird watching, hunting, fishing, stargazing, mountain biking and extraordinary opportunities for solitude. At higher elevations, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy snowshoeing, cross country skiing and hiking along a portion of the Pacific Crest trail.

It includes alpine peaks, conifer forests, pinyon forests, Joshua tree woodlands, mountain rivers and desert wetlands, coastal chaparral, and both Mojave and Sonoran Desert landscapes.

The Monument protects an evolutionary hotspot and area of tremendous biological diversity. It also protects two of the most critical wildlife movement corridors in southern California that link Joshua Tree National Park and Mount San Gorgonio and will help plant and wildlife populations adapt to climate change.