Protect the Wyoming Red Desert

Take action to support balanced management of public lands in Wyoming

The Wyoming Red Desert is a place of unparalleled beauty and ecological significance, home to the world’s longest migration corridor for mule deer and a living cultural landscape sacred to Indigenous communities. However, the Red Desert faces mounting pressures from oil and gas development and other infrastructure projects. Without careful planning, this incredible region could be at risk of irreversible damage and habitat fragmentation.

The Bureau of Land Management is now seeking public input as it formulates a land-use plan that will guide how the Rock Springs district in Wyoming is managed in the years to come, deciding which areas will be protected and which will be zoned for development. This is a pivotal moment for all those who cherish public lands, climate-resilient landscapes, and wildlife.

Your voice holds the power to shape the future of the Red Desert. By submitting public comments during this process, you can advocate for responsible, sustainable land use that balances conservation, recreation, and other community needs.

Managing these landscapes for recreation and conservation is important for Wyoming’s economic future. Expert geologists have concluded the possibility of future oil and gas discoveries in the Northern Red Desert and Big Sandy Foothills are remote and existing deposits are insignificant. With no significant oil and gas potential, it simply makes sense to keep parts of this area off-limits to drilling so they can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Your comment can make all the difference in securing a sustainable and vibrant future for this remarkable landscape.