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Brian Sybert
|November 08, 2020

Our Message on Joe Biden’s Presidential Victory 

Joe Biden’s election as the next President of the United States offers generational and fundamental hope for how America’s public lands will be managed for decades to come.

As the force behind the national network of community-based organizations that have helped establish National Monuments and fight against attempts to destroy public lands through drilling and extraction, we stand ready to support Mr. Biden’s commitment to immediately reverse the assaults on America’s natural treasures by reinstating the original boundaries for Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments and we urge him to do the same in the Western Arctic. 

We’re part of the local, national and global movements to conserve 30% of America’s lands by 2030 and will work with the Biden Administration to help realize his stated support of this effort and to protect the most ecologically important lands. 

We applaud and stand with his administration to “work with tribal governments and Congress to protect sacred sites and public lands and waters with high conservation and cultural values...and provide tribes with a greater role in the care and management of public lands that are of cultural significance to Tribal Nations."

Nature is our common refuge, a shared resource for healing and restoration for people, communities and the planet. National Conservation Lands are also a source of resilience for the environment and for the human spirit. They’re key to our recovery from the overlapping crises of the COVID pandemic, the impacts of a changing climate that kill off species needed for healthy habitats and a healthy planet, and the damage that racial injustice and environmental recklessness inflict on Indigengous people and communities of color.

We’re ready to work with the Biden Administration to rebuild our economies and redesign how public lands are managed to support biodiversity, natural resources, Indigenous culture, inclusivity for everyone, and jobs based on restoring and experiencing America’s great outdoors. 

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Brian Sybert is the Executive Director of the Conservation Lands Foundation.
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