President Biden’s Budget Lauded for Investments to Better Steward National Conservation Lands

Kristine Deutschman
|June 02, 2021

Durango, CO–Statement from Brian Sybert, executive director, in response to the release of President Biden’s Fiscal Year 2022 budget for the Bureau of Land Management.

“President Biden’s proposed 2022 budget presents a clear vision for deeper investments in community-based conservation and ensuring America’s precious landscapes are properly managed for years to come. 

“His budget includes a needed 47% increase in funding for managing the National Conservation Lands, a system that has nearly doubled in size since 2000, but for which funding has not kept pace. While more than 100 units and 11 million acres have been added to the system since 2006, funding to manage these landscapes has not kept pace with their growing importance and the stressors of increased recreational use, invasive species, and climate change. In 2021, funding was 70% of that provided by Congress in 2006. 

“By requesting that Congress provide $67.674 million for managing National Monuments and National Conservation Lands and $21.186 million for cultural resources management, President Biden is prioritizing the proper management of these landscapes and places of cultural importance within them, and is doubling down on ensuring the National Conservation Lands are the bedrock of his America the Beautiful Initiative to conserve 30% of America’s lands by 2030.  

“Through his requests for increases for wilderness management, resource management planning, and recreation resources management, as well as significant resources for establishing conservation jobs through his Civilian Climate Corps initiative, President Biden is solidifying economic opportunities for rural communities through conservation careers and the thriving outdoor recreation economy.

“The President’s FY 22 budget is a clarion call for Congress to properly fund the care and management of the National Conservation Lands and sustainable economic opportunities for the communities that steward these critical landscapes. The Conservation Lands Foundation urges House and Senate appropriators to support and approve the President’s funding requests.”  


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