Thank President Biden for Protecting Molok Luyuk!

In May 2024, President Joe Biden expanded Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument in California to protect Molok Luyuk, which means ‘Condor Ridge’ in the Patwin language. 

Send a message to thank President Biden for using the Antiquities Act to protect Molok Luyuk, which holds profound cultural importance as the ancestral territory of the Hill Patwin people and provides critical habitat to tule elk, mountain lions, black bears, and other wildlife species.


Photo: Bob Wick

Thank you President Biden for using the Antiquities Act to expand Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument and protect Molok Luyuk, which holds profound cultural importance as the ancestral territory of the Hill Patwin people and provides critical habitat to endangered species.

This expansion protects important cultural sites for Indigenous communities. Descendants of the Hill Patwin live here today as the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, the Kletzel Dehe Wintun Nation, and the Cachil DeHe Band of Wintun Indians. Historic trails across Molok Luyuk linked these tribes to each other and the wider network of trade and cultural exchange throughout the region. Indigenous people from all directions have come to its springs for ceremonies and healing since time immemorial.

Please continue to honor the stories, legacies, and voices of local communities by designating and/or expanding national monuments such as the Owyhee Canyonlands in Oregon, the Dolores River Canyon in Colorado, the proposed Chuckwalla National Monument and lands adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park in California, Kw'tsán in Southern California, the Great Bend of the Gila in Arizona, and more.

Thank you for your commitment to celebrating and conserving connections to the nation’s incredible public lands and waters, and for continuing to provide long-lasting protections for natural, cultural, and historic sites, lands of great scientific value, and ocean waters that contribute to the ongoing and often-untold stories and true history of the United States.


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  • ME
    Mary Jo Elpers signed 2024-07-18 11:08:28 -0600
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    Steph Vesey signed 2024-06-20 08:31:19 -0600
    every inch matters.
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    J G signed 2024-06-18 13:35:39 -0600
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    Tammy Weatherly signed 2024-06-17 20:55:46 -0600
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    Raphael Ponce signed 2024-05-23 07:17:01 -0600
    I am very grateful to the Biden administration for taking into account the rights of Native Americans who have been so often violated in the past. Respect for the environment in the United States does not only concern indigenous populations, but all American citizens. I also feel concerned as a world citizen, at a time when our Mother Earth is seriously affected by exploitation and pollution of all kinds, affecting all degrees and levels which are vital for all living beings ( basements, soils, rivers and lakes, air, biodiversity, etc.). We are at a crucial moment in the History of Humanity and I am sure that your good deeds will undoubtedly count in a positive way for the future of us all! Thank you for continuing and persevering on this good path.
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    Nick Dawson signed 2024-05-21 11:45:32 -0600
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    Claire Watson signed 2024-05-18 19:40:40 -0600
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    Derek Gendvil signed 2024-05-18 16:19:30 -0600
    Thanks for all you can keep the Molok Luyuk wild for many generations to come. I know America needs to protect our Native lands & their people so that helps our economy for future generations. Plus it’s also helpful for the wildlife in the region, because it provides critical habitat for Native elk, lions, bears & wildlife species. I would like to thank the Biden Administration for doing their part in protecting these Native lands!
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    Susan Osada signed 2024-05-15 12:55:36 -0600
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    Jennifer Scott signed 2024-05-14 15:23:35 -0600
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    Mary Thornton signed 2024-05-14 13:15:56 -0600
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    Mark Nessner signed 2024-05-13 17:37:52 -0600
    Thank you, but don’t stop there. There is so much more to be saved and treasured.
  • KC
    Kay Campbell signed 2024-05-11 12:10:31 -0600
    Saving National Monuments and preserving for the future is vital to protecting/preserving ancestral territory and native lands for all Americans to enjoy. Thank you for your compassion, environmental acumen, and action.
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    Wendy Niemeyer signed 2024-05-10 21:57:30 -0600
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    Linda Cronin signed 2024-05-10 15:01:33 -0600
    Thank you! Now how about protecting all wolves in the US?
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    Kim George signed 2024-05-09 17:20:14 -0600
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    Derek Benedict signed 2024-05-07 21:38:36 -0600
    Returning Native American land to tribal control is huge…but until then we must preserve and protect it in the meantime!
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    Kristen Muench signed 2024-05-06 20:52:35 -0600
    Thank you very much for listening to the concientious Americans who still value National Parks and open spaces that protect wildlife, flora, fungi, water and a sense of place. Thank you for all your difficult work as President.
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    Anna Howes signed 2024-05-06 20:06:51 -0600
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