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Mojave Desert Land Trust

Mojave Desert Land Trust protects the Mojave Desert ecosystem and its scenic and cultural resource values.

About Mojave Desert Land Trust

Mojave Desert Land Trust conserves land with important biological, cultural and scenic values. Their work helps to secure the biodiversity, beauty, and integrity of healthy desert ecosystems for future generations to enjoy. They have protected 50,000 acres of desert land through acquisition, land stewardship and strategic partnerships.

The California Desert is a functioning intact ecosystem, stretching across 29 million acres, or 28% of California’s landmass. It is home to rare plants and magnificent creatures – a place of scenic wonder and tremendous biological diversity. In the fast growing West, the threats to this priceless heritage are greater than ever. Many plants are threatened or endangered, star-filled night skies are impacted by light pollution, wildlife habitat is fragmented, and wildlife corridors are disrupted by development.

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