Join Us to Increase Funding for National Conservation Lands.

Congress has an opportunity to increase funding for the Bureau of Land Management to properly manage National Conservation Lands. These are America’s beloved public lands and waters that represent our nation’s natural, cultural, and outdoor heritage.

We've already engaged members of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives to support funding increases for National Conservation Lands. This led to Congress increasing funds for National Conservation Lands by 25% in FY 2023, as well as more Senators and Representatives supporting this effort.

The next step will be making sure the House and Senate maintain this funding increase in the final bills they vote on to fund the Department of the Interior in FY2024.

By properly funding the care and management of the National Conservation Lands, we will:

  • Create more jobs within the Bureau of Land Management to improve public lands management.
  • Inventory, monitor and protect Indigenous and other cultural resources.
  • Restore fish and wildlife habitat after years of neglect.
  • Improve visitor experience, recreational infrastructure and rural economic recovery.
  • Reclaim degraded lands and waters for climate change mitigation.

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