Friends Summit Sponsor Highlight: Haglöfs

Conservation Lands Foundation
|May 03, 2022

We’re gearing up for our first Friends Summit since the pandemic! In two weeks, about 200 representatives from our 80+ Friends Grassroots Network organizations will gather for three days to catalyze conservation strategies and celebrate the shared vision of protecting the lands we all love and need.

This year, we’re excited to highlight a new Summit Sponsor. Outdoor equipment brand Haglöfs shares our values that each of us as individuals, organizations and companies must be part of the solution to slowing climate change. Haglöfs is taking responsibility for the emissions of their entire supply chain. They became climate neutral through offsets in 2021, and have committed to reduce their emissions by 50% over the next 10 years, and reach net zero by 2030.

Haglöfs supports stronger regulations to accelerate change and talks honestly about reaching climate neutrality and the pros and cons of offsets on their road to net zero emissions. They believe that the urgency of the climate crisis means “we have to pull every lever!”

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Photo credit: Haglöfs

Here’s what Haglöfs, Export Manager, Daniel Stiller Cohn has to say about our partnership:

”The most important thing for me, which led me to pursue a career in the world of outdoors, is to be present with myself and Mother Nature. Every time I’m outdoors in the high mountains, deep forests or grand wilderness I can feel that my internal batteries are getting fully charged. This is something that I encourage everyone to experience in their own way.

“To make sure that Mother Nature stays in this majestic way that we all love and need for our wellbeing, we at Haglöfs are responsible to make sure our impact on the planet is as small as possible and to inspire other brands and people to do the same. We have always had a strong wish to empower local organizations that are working for the same goal, which is why we’ve teamed up with the Conservation Lands Foundation to support their work to protect public lands.”

You can learn more about Haglöfs sustainability strategy here.

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