Long-lasting conservation starts with community.

For more than a decade, we’ve successfully built and led a national movement of community-based advocates to protect, restore and expand places under the National Conservation Lands designation. 

Our mission is rooted in real community-based action and our Friends Grassroots Network is our special sauce for turning local passion into acres protected.

It's a national movement of nearly 80 volunteer-powered groups focused on protecting your access to National Conservation Lands.

See our Friends Grassroots Network in action and how they're making a difference every day

They rally communities around National Conservation Lands and use their authentic and passionate voices to remind elected officials how much people value and depend on these places that protect living cultural landscapes, wildlife habitat and migration corridors, offer a wide range of outdoor recreation and help sustain local economies.

From indigenous people with sacred ties to these lands to small business owners, hunters and anglers and military veterans who depend on them for healing, our Friends Grassroots Network works on the ground to restore lands, and helps local voices be heard from county commission meetings to Washington, D.C.


Use the interactive map and directory below to learn more about the groups in our Friends Grassroots Network

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