Friends Grassroots Network

Turning local passion into acres protected.

Map graphic showing CLF connecting FGN groups to Washington

People create change

We know from experience that durable public lands conservation requires local people who fight for the land day in and day out.

Our Friends Grassroots Network is a national movement of more than 80 community-based organizations focused on protecting, restoring, and expanding National Conservation Lands.

Some of these groups are all-volunteer led, while others have paid staff. They host hikes, undertake restoration projects, and serve as local sentries to protect the lands all of us love and need.

We fuel the diversity and impact of this national movement and harness the collective power of our Friends Grassroots Network to:

Rally communities in support of National Conservation Lands and other vulnerable public lands that need protection.

Remind elected officials how much people value and depend on these special places.

Bring local voices to influence all levels of government, from county commission meetings to Washington, D.C.
Photo: McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area, Colorado

Help us protect the lands you love

Through grant giving, capacity building, and field support, we increase the impact of our Friends Network. We support the operations of these local organizations, connect them to policymakers, and ensure that their voices are at the table.

Help us help them succeed.


Community leaders in action

See our Friends Grassroots Network in action and how they're making a difference every day.

Community Leaders in Action: Get Outdoors Nevada

Community Leaders in Action: Get Outdoors Nevada

Our Friends Grassroots Network works year-round to make a difference for America's National Conservation Lands. Today, we're spotlighting Get Outdoors Nevada, a nonprofit organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada that provides...
Apr 25, 2023
Championing Public Lands in Washington, D.C.

Championing Public Lands in Washington, D.C.

Conservation Lands Foundation gathered advocates from our Friends Grassroots Network to advocate on behalf of the landscapes they care about in Washington, D.C. Oregon Natural Desert Association's Campaign Manager Karly...
Apr 20, 2023

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