We believe that every one is allowed to participate responsibly in the benefits of the National Conservation Lands. We're working to eliminate barriers to access to National Conservation Lands and honor the different ways people engage with them.

Nowhere else in the conservation community is this being done at the scale and breadth that we're capable of doing. By focusing on community-based conservation, we're identifying and breaking down barriers to access that are relevant for each community where we work, resulting in:

  • Better resource management
  • A more just accounting of our histories
  • More resilient lands that benefit the whole public
  • Dramatically improved appreciation of public lands by the public
  • Political and policy support for public lands in a changing cultural landscape

We’re committed to becoming a model organization that provides equal opportunity and a work environment free from discrimination. We welcome and strive to unite people of all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, socio-economic situations, class, religions, abilities and ages and empower them as individuals and as a team.

We value and promote equity and inclusion of diverse perspectives and representation in our board, staff, Friends Grassroots Network and partners, in the communities we serve, and in the places we seek to preserve and protect.

We're on a journey and our work will be done when the National Conservation Lands:

  • Represent the diversity of our nation and include all of the most ecologically, culturally and historically significant lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management
  • Are inclusive of all people, provide equitable access, and are guaranteed protections of their ecological and cultural resources