President Joe Biden has designated the Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley National Monument spanning three sites in Illinois & Mississippi heeding the call of communities and people like you across the country who advocated for preserving, protecting, and sharing their story. 

Send a message today to say thank you and show your support for representing a crucial and powerful part of America’s civil rights history!

"Thank you President Biden for designating the Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley National Monument on the anniversary of Emmett Till’s birth.

This national monument ensures the life and legacy of Emmett Till and his mother, civil rights icon Mamie Till-Mobley, will never be forgotten. This national monument from Sumner, Mississippi to Chicago, Illinois will help ensure that their story is preserved, protected & shared with all for generations to come.

By utilizing your authority under the Antiquities Act to designate a national monument, you are honoring the overlooked contributions of Black women in civil rights and creating sites that provide important lessons of consciousness, healing, and justice.

Please continue to honor the stories, legacies, and voices of local communities by designating and/or expanding national monuments such as the Site of the Springfield Race Massacre in Illinois, Historic Greenwood/ Black Wall Street in Oklahoma, Molok Luyuk in California, and Great Bend of the Gila and Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni Grand Canyon in Arizona. Thank you for your commitment to celebrating and conserving connections to the nation’s incredible public lands and waters, and for continuing to permanently protect natural, cultural and historic sites, lands of great scientific value, and ocean waters that contribute to the ongoing and often-untold stories and true history of the United States."

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  • BM
    Brad Miller signed 2023-07-27 19:18:22 -0600
    You are doing a great job Mr. President!
  • LB
    Lael Bradshaw signed 2023-07-27 19:11:24 -0600
  • MH
    Michele Henley signed 2023-07-27 17:26:37 -0600
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    M Steere signed 2023-07-27 16:31:30 -0600
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    Judy Whetzel signed 2023-07-27 16:21:19 -0600
  • BM
    Ben Murray signed 2023-07-27 16:03:55 -0600
  • DF
    Diane Finch-Payne signed 2023-07-27 15:36:34 -0600
    Thank you, President Biden, for honoring Emmett Till and Mamie Till-Mobley.
  • MB
    Michael Bergman signed 2023-07-27 14:33:58 -0600
    Thank you and keep up the good work :-)
  • EP
    Edwin Poole signed 2023-07-27 14:11:44 -0600
  • JB
    Jane Berger Herschlag signed 2023-07-27 13:59:25 -0600
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    C Gribble signed 2023-07-27 13:32:29 -0600
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    Dixie Nihsen signed 2023-07-27 12:55:06 -0600
  • SE
    Susan Eikenbary signed 2023-07-27 12:41:48 -0600
  • CL
    Carl Little signed 2023-07-27 12:20:50 -0600
    Thank you President Biden and

    Vice President Kamala Harris.

    I am grateful for your courage to serve justice for Emmett Till.
  • CC
    Connie Clark signed 2023-07-27 11:31:38 -0600
  • SB
    Susan Babbitt signed 2023-07-27 11:19:29 -0600
  • DS
    Donal K. Singleton signed 2023-07-27 11:14:40 -0600
    THANK YOU PRESIDENT BIDEN! your action today, we will not forget this
  • JB
    John Burrows signed 2023-07-27 09:52:03 -0600
  • EH
    Elaine Harter signed 2023-07-27 07:59:32 -0600
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    Michael Ott signed 2023-07-27 06:28:27 -0600
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    Kate Skolnick signed 2023-07-27 04:40:09 -0600
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    Gloria Aguirre signed 2023-07-26 23:14:32 -0600
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    Patricia Goodson signed 2023-07-26 23:07:59 -0600
    Thank you they did so much in their way.
  • VS
    Valerie Snyder signed 2023-07-26 23:05:47 -0600
  • DF
    Deborah Fexis signed 2023-07-26 23:01:25 -0600
  • Ah
    Art h signed 2023-07-26 21:28:34 -0600
    It is very important that we remember ALL our our history!
  • CJ
    Catherine Jurgensen signed 2023-07-26 21:05:41 -0600
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    Greg Sells signed 2023-07-26 21:04:53 -0600