Congratulations to Friends of the Owyhee!

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|December 12, 2019

Congratulations to Friends Grassroots Network member Friends of the Owyhee, who have recently received their official 501c3 non-profit designation.

Friends of the Owyhee demonstrates the power of community-based action as on-the-ground stewards of your public lands, including America’s National Conservation Lands. Friends of the Owyhee works to protect the wild and spectacular Owyhee Watershed region throughout Oregon, Idaho and Nevada.

Here are some words shared by their executive director Tim Davis that we'd like to share with you:

"A young man from a small town in Eastern Oregon grew up on the edge of a vast open sage desert split with deep, secretive canyonlands: the region known as “The Owyhee”. As he camped, fished, and explored the wind-swept, silent spaces, he realized these special lands could no longer be taken for granted; they needed to be preserved for all future generations of children to enjoy as he had. He started a group, Friends of the Owyhee (FOTO), to encourage others who’ve been moved by the beauty of these remote public lands to band together to lead, educate, and spread the word about the need to protect this rugged wild space. His goal is to keep the Owyhee accessible for everyone, for all time.

Friends of the Owyhee has had a big year. After five years of laying the groundwork for FOTO, this young man named Tim left his day job in corrections (of 11 years) and became FOTO’s full-time executive director. We expanded our trips and stewardship projects. And we spent hours and hours talking conservation in positive, collaborative ways with locals and lawmakers. And we’re really pleased to announce our most recent happening. We are officially a 501c3 (non-profit) organization!!

Going into 2020, we have big plans for our work in the Owyhee. A children’s education program - imagine getting youngsters out in the Owyhee for the first time! Continuing to fund Tim’s role as Executive Director… and getting Tim a little help to continue our local events, conservation efforts, and legislative conversations." 

Congratulations to Tim Davis and his volunteer board of directors! You can also learn more about Friends of the Owyhee on our site, or on their site, and check out and like Friends of the Owyhee’s Facebook page!

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