Conservation Lands Foundation Urges President Biden To Designate Chuckwalla National Monument At Interior Department’s Community Meeting In Southern California

Conservation Lands Foundation
|June 14, 2024

Coachella, CA - In a community meeting held today by the Department of the Interior in Riverside County, CA, staff from the Conservation Lands Foundation demonstrated support for designating the Chuckwalla landscape near Coachella Valley and Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California a national monument.

“The proposed Chuckwalla National Monument has gained widespread support because Tribal leadership and dedicated local advocates have effectively shown the many benefits to people and nature for protecting this essential public landscape,” said Charlotte Overby, Vice President of Conservation Field Programs for the Conservation Lands Foundation.

“The California Desert Conservation Lands of Riverside and Imperial Counties are the ancestral homelands of many Indigenous Tribes, essential to enhancing equitable access and recreational opportunities for local communities, and are incredibly rich in biodiversity and species that would benefit from the protection, including Chuckwalla lizards, desert tortoises, bighorn sheep, Sonoran pronghorns and migratory birds.

“It’s also scientifically recognized as part of a significant carbon sink – important for slowing down climate change – and we urge the President to act quickly to designate Chuckwalla National Monument and protect this unique climate and biological community in the California Desert,” said Overby.

Show your support at: Chuckwalla National Monument.


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