Scattered throughout California’s southeastern corner are special treasures of unspoiled lands, from rocky peaks and sloping bajadas to saltscrub lowlands and rich riparian corridors.

These are the California Desert Conservation Lands. Established on September 14, 2016, the California Desert Conservation Lands are additions to the National Conservation Lands—America’s newest system of protected public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Made up of five distinct regions including the Amargosa Basin, Silurian Valley, Panamint Valley, Chuckwalla Bench and Yuha Desert, the California Desert Conservation Lands are a place for endless exploration on hiking and driving trails–more than one could fit in a lifetime. These lands also protect critical wildlife habitat and species: more new species are being discovered within the California Desert Conservation Lands than in the entire rest of the state.

These treasured places, now permanently protected, ensure that the public will be able to continue to explore and experience the culture, history, habitats and landscapes that make the California Desert so unique.