Bertha Gutierrez

Program Director

About Bertha Gutierrez

Bertha Gutierrez (pronoun: she) is our Program Director based in Nevada. Prior to joining CLF, Bertha worked in the non-profit industry for over 17 years, starting out in the financial counseling and education. Her commitment for the outdoors and civic engagement later led her career into conservation, through leading the growth and expansion of the volunteer program at Get Outdoors Nevada.

Originally from El Salvador, she moved to Las Vegas from Northwest Arkansas at the end of 2016. Bertha grew up surrounded by tropical trees, plants, volcanoes, mosquitoes, and the warm Pacific Ocean when visiting her grandparents house in El Salvador. She continued to find home by connecting to the land and nature in the Ozarks region in Arkansas, where she lived for 16 years, and then falling in love with the Mojave Desert and the American West.

Bertha has a B.A. in Journalism and Art from the University of Arkansas. She has 16 niblings (and counting) and lives in Las Vegas with her cat Dwayne. She enjoys hiking, star gazing, elaborate camping meals, drawing and painting, especially murals.

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“All lands are ancestral lands. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, the unceded ancestral lands of the Southern Paiute (Nuwuvi) people. I hope this land acknowledgment inspires others to stand in solidarity with Native nations.”

— Bertha Gutierrez, Program Director