We’re at a pivotal moment in shaping what the future of racial equity will look like in the U.S. and though public lands may not be at the center of today’s protests, access to and protection of these publicly-owned places are inextricably linked to racial justice.

Part of our work at Conservation Lands Foundation is continuing to learn how we can be a better ally to Black, Indigenous and People of Color. Kris Deutschman, our Senior Communication Director, and Elyane Stefanick, our California Program Director, recently hosted a webinar with our Friends Grassroots Network to explore what allyship in conservation can look like, and share resources relevant for individuals and organizations.

You can watch a recording of the video here:

We partnered with Black Voice Media to host a Juneteenth Virtual Town Hall conversation with Black community leaders about the close-to-home realities and historical context of racism, and how those connections play out in race, access, and safety on our public lands.

A recording of the Town Hall is available to watch here and we invite you to share this with colleagues, staff, friends and family to help create a future where access to public lands and outdoor spaces is equitable and welcoming for Black, Indigenous and all People of Color.

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