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Alabama Hills Stewardship Group

About Alabama Hills Stewardship Group

The Alabama Hills Stewardship Group, Inc., (the Group), a 501(c)3 non-profit, was established to promote the long-term vision, conservation, use, enhancement, and enjoyment of the Alabama Hills’ Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA) public land resources. The Group, in association with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), has forged a strong, community-based partnership to maintain the area’s landscape integrity and vital tourism economy.

The Stewardship Group has worked collaboratively to create a vision and action plan to address priority management issues. Chartered by the BLM Central California Resources Advisory Committee (CenCal RAC), the Group has accomplished a lot since its inception in November 2006. Completed projects include: entrance station rehabilitation; creation/marketing of the “Don’t Crush the Brush” campaign for locals, the film industry, and visitors (; implementation of a Community Spirit Day to conduct conservation activities associated with National Public Lands Day; development of the Alabama Hills Arch Trail; publication of the Alabama Hills Movie Tour Guide; position development and recruitment of a volunteer stewardship coordinator; providing input to area management policies and programs; and prioritization of conservation projects.

The Group has successfully galvanized a community, historically distrustful of government, to identify and protect the environmental and economic values of the Alabama Hills public lands adjacent to Lone Pine, California.

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